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May 6, 2006

The Mr. Falcon Blog. (Okay, it's not really about Mr. Falcon, it's about it's creator, me. But if Scott Adams can have the Dilbert Blog then I can have the Mr. Falcon Blog!)

August 12, 2005

Mr. Falcon gets his own domain name!!

July 23, 2005

This site is the newest thing in the Mr. Falcon universe.

It has now been 10 years since the last Mr. Falcon game came on the scene. What's happened since then? Not a whole lot. There was an OpenGL version of Mr. Falcon v3 created, but not finished. There has been talks of other ventures: home movies, new games, stories, etc. Unfortunately I have been way too busy with other things to worry about new Mr. Falcon projects seriously.

Robert Rae created an HTML game called Find Mr. Falcon.