Mr. Falcon v3.js

A Remake of the Original

Mr. Falcon 3(Js)
  • Use your Arrow Keys to control Mr. Falcon.
  • "L" looks.
  • "S" Steals.
  • "K" shoots.
  • H brings up the Help screen.
Click the Start Mr. Falcon button to start.
  1. Left - Glide left
  2. Right - Glide right
  3. Up - Move North
  4. Down - Move South
  5. Enter/Return - Goes through a door.
  6. L - Look around.
  7. k - Shoot
  8. t - Talks
  9. s - Steal
  10. c - Change costumes - if possible
  11. h - Toggle help

The point of this game is to rid the city of Nordburg of the M.P. Mafia. When a text box appears, read it and try to figure out what it means. Hint: The first one tells you you're a police officer and you're almost late for work. Ummmm....perhaps you should maybe look for the police station, go inside, find the locker room, and change into your uniform? Then, maybe do your job, and walk around Nordburg looking for trouble? Talk to people.

NOTE: Yeah, I know this game sucks. The point wasn't to make a good game. The point was to replicate a DOS game that was done for the point of finishing a game.

When I was first learning to prgram, I would start a game with plans of making it huge. Then I'd get bored with the game, or learn a new way of doing things, rendering my current project uninteresting. I'd start a new "big" game all over again. And again. And Again.

After getting frustrated with that cycle I decided to start a game and finish it as soon as possible. In order to combat bordom, I'd have to be able to make it quickly. In order to make it quickly, I'd have to make it small and simple. The first Mr. Falcon game was made for that purpose.

Mr. Falcon 1 wasn't very good. So I wrote Mr. Falcon 2, which was a little better. Slightly better graphics, slightly more complicated story (your Falcon costume is in 2 rooms, not just 1), and the main character can turn around.

Mr. Falcon 3 was like Mr. Falcon 2, but better. There was an actual story line. First you were a cop. Only later, would you become Mr. Falcon. The city of Nordburg was much larger. The Falcon Cave was much smaller.

The Mr. Falcon gamess are DOS games. People don't use DOS anymore. Now, if you want to play DOS games, you pretty much need a DOS emulator, even in Windows.

This made it hard to introduce the games to new people. So I rewrote them in Javascript so I could introduce it to a new audience. It also helped me take my Javascript to the next level.

This game should replicate the original game very closely, except for some minor look'n'feel attributes, and some bugs have been fixed. (No doubt new bugs have been introduced too!)

  1. Do your shift as a police officer.
    1. Find, and Enter the Police Station.
    2. To enter a door stand directly in front of the door and hit Enter. If any part of you is not in front of the door, you can't go through it.
    3. Go to the locker room.
    4. Press 'c' to change into your uniform.
    5. Exit the police station.
    6. Go North 2 screen (Press the Up arrow key twice.)
    7. This will bring you to Craig and Ron. Press 't' to talk to them. This will result in an arrest and you'll be taken back to the station.
  2. Go as an undercover officer to the drug deal.
    1. Go to the locker room and change out of your police uniform by pressing 'c'.
    2. Exit the locker room and police station. Return to the starting screen by pressing the Up arrow key twice, and going one screen to the left.
    3. Stand on the bridge and press 't' to talk. This will result in you're being shot and falling off the bridge and drifting to the falcon cave where you find your costume.
  3. Change into your Mr. Falcon costume.
    1. Press 'c' to change into your costume.
  4. Fight small-time crime.
    1. In the room where you found your falcon costume, there are two doors. Exit through the door on the right.
    2. You're now in your house. Exit your house by walking to the left. Eventually you'll be outside.
    3. Go one screen to the left (West) and one down (South). You should be in front of the Nordburg Co-op.
    4. There should be two guys there throwing axes and baseball bats at each other. Shoot them by pressing 'k'.
  5. Fight the mafia in Nordburg.
    1. Go North by two screens, and East by one screen.
    2. You should be in a forrest with a guy shooting. Shoot him as many times as necessary until he disappears.
    3. Go West by three screens until you're in front of Jim Norton's Coffee Shop.
    4. Go south two screens until you're in front of the sky scraper.
    5. Enter the sky scraper. There should be a guy there shooting. Shoot him as many times as necessary.
    6. Stand in front of the elevator doors (marked "M" and "P") and hit Enter. This will take you to the roof of the sky scraper.
    7. The mafia boss is there. (yeah. He looks like an alien. I know.) Shoot him in the eyes. Do this by jumping (press 'j') and shoot (press 'k') at the right time.
    8. Shoot him in the eyes as much as necessary, trying to dodge his bullets. When he dies you've beaten the game.

Press h to toggle Help screen.

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